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Topping The Algoa FM Top 30

As some of you know, my Temples and Timebombs EP is a bit of a DIY passion project which has been a refreshing experience in the sense that I’ve been able to create exactly what I wanted to without the pressure or trying to please anyone. From writing and recording to the artwork design and promo, a lot has been done by myself, on my laptop from home. (but a special shout-out is due to Melissa Conradie Agency and Ric Martens for their roles in this venture).

I released the first song ‘Lie Baby Lie’ on 31 Jan with the hopes that it would get some radio play, but also knowing that it had a lot of ‘guitar’ in it (which is often something radio stations shy away from), so when I heard that it had entered the Algoa FM Top 30 Chart at number 30 a few weeks ago, I was surprised and ,of course, very pleased. 

As it climbed the chart week by week, I kept waiting for it to peak and drop off. I would honestly find myself thinking: “Okay, not a bad place to peak”, and then the following week again “Jinne, not a bad place to peak”, and then the following week “Okay, cool, I’ll take that, it’s bound to fall off now” and so on. 

But then it got to number 4 last week, and with one final leap this past weekend, it landed at the Number 1 spot. Wow…!!

I could not believe it! Lie Baby Lie - Number 1 on Algoa FM Top 30! A number 1 spot on any radio station is an achievement, but a Number 1 on a regional station is just something so rare and it's a true honour for me. 

 I am super happy and I am also super thankful to Algoa FM for their continued support throughout my career. 

I look forward to sharing the next song with you and as soon as we get the ‘go ahead’ from uncle Cyril and I look forward to the EP launch show which will take place at The Music Kitchen. 

Like pretty much everyone, I’ve had to think creatively as to how I should proceed going forward, and a little bit of good news eases the mind and soothes the soul. 

I’ve shared this link many times now, but here it is again: Lie Baby Lie (This linkwill give you the option of YouTube Lyric Video, Spotify or Apple Music etc, etc.)

Lastly and very importantly,  I’d like to thank each of you who take the time to read my emails and my blog and send messages of encouragement. I appreciate each on of you

Regards and Gratitude Stuart

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