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Stage 5 Logout

Inspired by my friend Brent Krain ,who recently went on a brief social media break, and coupled with my pet peeve for ‘challenges’, I thought to myself that someone should challenge me to this - because it’s a challenge I’d actually consider. 

Alas! No-one has extended the invitation so I’ve taken it upon myself to create it - and now I challenge myself and you to 7 full days (168 hours, 10080 minutes) without social media. This includes ALL social media. 

We can call it a stage 5 logout.

If you feel like you absolutely need to know all the latest news as it happens, then use the News24 app, but if you can , try commit to watching the news just once a day (or not at all if you feel daring).

I’m taking this challenge starting right now. I’ll see you guys next week Friday. 

I challenge all of you to try the same.

If you were looking for a reason to disconnect from the madness for a while, this is it.

Stay Safe



Durbanville, Cape Town 
South Africa

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