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Social Addiction

Updated: Apr 2

I’ve been putting off writing this one for a while -  (too busy scrolling through Facebook) - but I’m telling myself to “Just Do Something Already”, so here goes:

The lyrics to a song I wrote called Social Addiction (and this applies to any addiction)

"I got the right line, the right kind of high

I’m here to bend time and defy your mind

I’ve come to show you who you are

But I will not share you once you’re mine

I’ve seen your dark side, the look in your eyes

And I know your secrets, I know where you hide

I’ve come to show you a brand new life

But I cannot share you once you're mine

(Guitar Solo!!) I’ll show you no mercy, now you’re mine." 

The key words in the song are ‘I will not share you’ and that’s the truth about any addiction. It takes control of you and it doesn’t like to share. 

Be it drugs, alcohol or social media (the list goes on) - when you give something the power to alter your mood, you are handing over control to something other than yourself, and the more you relinquish power to something else, the easier it becomes to do it again and again. 

Eventually it becomes your natural state of being and you can’t tell whether it has any control over you or not, because it all just feels normal. 

For me, Social Media is a sneaky addiction that we all struggle with, but won’t admit to.

I had to delete the Facebook app off my phone because I’d find myself mindlessly scrolling through posts throughout the day, ignoring the people around me (even my wife) while I felt it more important to reply to a comment on one of my posts. No doubt it had, and still has, power over me because the same happened when I switched to Instagram. While writing this, I think I’m going to delete Instagram from my phone too. I’ll allocate time to browse social media once a day on my laptop so that I can stay up to date, but I will not let it consume my life or take time away from my friends and family (at this time, only my wife and son :)) 

I encourage you to at least think about this and ask yourself what has power over you  and if it is negatively affecting you or the people around you. At least be mindful and aware of what you do and how it makes you feel.

Side Note: To shamelessly promote my song ‘Social Addiction’ you can find it on all good streaming platforms from Friday the 3rd of April 2020, but because you have taken the time to read my blog here is an unlisted link to the song on YouTube: Stuart Reece - Social Addiction (Official Audio)

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