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Just do something already!

Updated: Mar 8

These next words changed my life and business for ever. I hope that it can serve you like it serves me daily.

Here goes:

Don’t get caught in the pursuit of perfection. It is a trap and it will keep you stagnant. I repeat , it is a trap and it will keep you stagnant!

You see perfection is subjective and should differ from person to person. But in todays world we have something called social media and social media has allowed us access and insight into 100’s (actually millions) of other peoples lives. Naturally we start comparing ourselves to each other and this is where the lines get blurry our wheels start to slip and ultimately we get stuck.

Here’s my advice, don’t wait for the perfect idea, the perfect time or the perfect environment before you start something new. These are all excuses and actually only the first hurdle in accomplishing anything in life.

Just start already.

And once you do start, remember that the next hurdle awaits you. This could be something as simple as finding the perfect name for your project, and then the perfect logo and branding. Before you know it a month has passed and you aren’t really any further than toying with an idea in your head plotting out how perfect it will all be, one day.

It doesn’t matter if it’s messy, it doesn’t matter if it’s not the best, all you need to do is get started and do it passionately.

I’ll say it again, Perfection is subjective. It also naturally develops as time goes by.

It can differ in terms of how long it takes you to ‘get there’ but I can promise you that it won’t be there from the start. The only way to ‘get there’ is to literally begin and iron out the creases as you go. The key words being ‘as you go’ , not ‘before you start’ ;)

So what ever it is you want to accomplish, I encourage you to start, now, today! Just do something! Enjoy the process and accept that it’s gonna take time before you are truly satisfied with your results, It’s totally okay because you are on the road and moving in the right direction.

Good Luck!!

PS this is me in my 'Humble Home' Studio. It's far from what I want it to be, but it's a start and without it, I have nothing to start improving on.